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How UPSC asks current affairs in GS Prelims?

Current Affairs (CA) is an important segment in the prelims exam. Nevertheless, UPSC has it’s own distinct way of asking questions from current affairs. Combining current affairs with conventional knowledge UPSC do not ask direct current affairs. It expects a student to combine current affairs with conventional knowledge. This is evident from the questions asked in last four years. This may be for two reasons – 1. UPSC wants to kill the extra advantage that those with coaching have. You might have seen various coaching… Continue Reading »

CSAT (paper 2 of prelims) made qualifying

The paper 2 of the UPSC Civil Services preliminary exam will be qualifying in nature, atleast for the 2015 exams. The following is from the Press information bureau report – The Government has approved the following in respect of Civil Services Examination: • An Expert Committee would be constituted to comprehensively examine various issues raised from time to time namely, eligibility, syllabus, scheme and pattern of Civil Services Examination. • Till such time the Government takes decision on the recommendation of the above Committee, the… Continue Reading »

How should one prepare for Indian polity?

Preparing Indian Polity, or for that matter any subject/topic of UPSC  comprises of  3 steps. 1. Base book reading For Indian polity, the base book is of-course, M. Laxmikanth You can buy the book here –  Buy Indian Polity Book Online at Low Prices in India Start with any chapter, that interests you. Don’t worry too much about remembering articles of the constitution, acts, amendments etc in the beginning. If any topic becomes too complex to understand, skip it to read something simpler. Slowly and… Continue Reading »

Useful mnemonics for the UPSC Civil Services Examination

What are some very useful mnemonics for the UPSC civil services examination?   Mnemonics help is memorizing facts. Therefore, they might not be much useful for UPSC CSE given the nature of questions that emphasize conceptual clarity. Nevertheless, few related tricks can be used. 1. For Schemes   There is this scheme called Bharat Nirman. It has 6 components under it. Waters; Roads; Housing; Telephone; Electricity; Irrigation. I memorized it using the term WRITE H – each alphabet denoting one component. A Question can be… Continue Reading »

GS Prelims Mock Test Series 2015

  Currently, SelfStudyIAS is conducting GS Prelims Mock Test Series 2018. You can find more information about it at this link.       ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

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