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1000 Prelims MCQs with detailed explanation @ Rs 350

The 1000 MCQs with detailed explanation contains all the 10 mock tests and their solutions provided in the GS Prelims Test Series 2015. This is being now provided at a discounted price of only Rs 350. The MCQs are still relevant for the upcoming UPSC Prelims exam and will provide the necessary practice and revision. You can go through this link containing prelims MCQs to get an idea about the standard and quality of questions.   How to buy You need to make the payment… Continue Reading »

UPSC Prelims : Exam day suggestions

1. There will be a good number of easy questions, some of them very easy. Not all questions will be tough. But still many people get the easier one’s incorrect. Why? Because they overthink on them, surprised that why UPSC has asked such an easy question. They go on looking for a trick in the question, when there isn’t any. Don’t do this.   2. Do not overlook a question without even reading it just because it’s from a topic you have not done. The… Continue Reading »

A week before UPSC Civil Services Prelims exam

With just a week left for the UPSC Civil Services Prelims exam, you may follow the three basic rules –   1. Reduce the intake of new stuff   In the last days of preparation, students are bombarded with too many coaching materials in the form of compilations, important current affairs, short notes etc. Now is not the time to read them. The more and more new stuff you read now, the less you will be able to retrieve it during the exam. Too much… Continue Reading »

Application based question in polity for UPSC Prelims

We all read M.Laxmikanth for Indian polity. However, in last few years UPSC has asked questions in polity that were beyond the scope of the book. While the book contians legal and constitutional provisions, questions from actual implementation of acts, policies, provisions etc were asked. These are what I call ‘application based questions in polity’. For example, consider this from UPSC Prelims 2012 – Which of the following can be said to be essentially the parts of Inclusive Governance? 1. Permitting the Non-Banking Financial Companies… Continue Reading »

Applying logic in UPSC General Studies Prelims

No, the heading of the post is not incorrect. You may think that logic is to be used in paper 2 (informally CSAT) and not in general studies. However, we can and we must use logic in general studies prelims paper as well. Given the vastness of UPSC syllabus, it’s just not possible to cover everything. Nevertheless basics can be covered and then we can apply logic to answer what may seem a difficult/advanced question. What I call logic here, is essentially a composition of three… Continue Reading »

UPSC Civil Services Notification 2015 Simplified

UPSC released the notification for Civil Services Examination 2015. The full notification can be viewed here. In this post we are giving important points, highlights and summary of the notification. We are also including a FAQs to help the aspirants know about the application process and other requirements.   Highlights & Summary   1. Important dates  a) Date of prelims exam – 23rd August 2015 b) Starting date of online application – 23rd May 2015 c) Last date of online application – 19th June 2015… Continue Reading »

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