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1000 Prelims MCQs with detailed explanation @ Rs 350

The 1000 MCQs with detailed explanation contains all the 10 mock tests and their solutions provided in the GS Prelims Test Series 2015. This is being now provided at a discounted price of only Rs 350. The MCQs are still relevant for the upcoming UPSC Prelims exam and will provide the necessary practice and revision. You can go through this link containing prelims MCQs to get an idea about the standard and quality of questions.   How to buy You need to make the payment… Continue Reading »

Digilocker website

What is exactly the DigiLocker website created by the Government of India? Is it authentic and working? Consider this – You are going for an interview. You need to produce your original certificates at the time of interview. Now, if the venue of interview happens to be out of your town, there is this problem of safety of your original certificates. When I went for my interview to Delhi, I was unable to sleep properly during the journey as I was worried about my certificates.… Continue Reading »

Why isn’t India using their Thorium power to generate energy?

Why isn’t India using their Thorium power to generate energy? India is following a three-stage nuclear power programme (that was formulated by Dr. Homi Bhabha in the 1950s). The ultimate focus of the programme is on enabling the thorium reserves of India to be utilised in meeting the country’s energy requirements. So, the third stage will use thorium. This third stage will come only when the first two stages are completed. Lets see why – 1. Stage one centers on India’s indigenous pressurized heavy water… Continue Reading »