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Why isn’t India using their Thorium power to generate energy?

Why isn’t India using their Thorium power to generate energy? India is following a three-stage nuclear power programme (that was formulated by Dr. Homi Bhabha in the 1950s). The ultimate focus of the programme is on enabling the thorium reserves of India to be utilised in meeting the country’s energy requirements. So, the third stage will use thorium. This third stage will come only when the first two stages are completed. Lets see why – 1. Stage one centers on India’s indigenous pressurized heavy water… Continue Reading »

Underrecovery in the oil sector explained

You must have come across the term underrecovery (UR), while reading newspaper articles related to the oil sector. Most people erroneously think that UR amounts to loss. But this is not true. Before we try to understand what exactly UR is, lets get few related terms clear. Upstream Company (UC) These are the companies which extract crude oil and supply it to the Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs). An eg. of upstream company would be ONGC. Oil Marketing Companies ( OMCs) They buy the crude oil… Continue Reading »

Understanding Buddhism for GS Prelims

Buddhism has been a favourite topic for UPSC to frame at least one question in the preliminary examination every year. Here we will look to understand the basic concepts, terms and philosophy related to Buddhism that will enable us to answer those questions.   What/Who is/was Buddha ? Siddharta ( family name Gautama ) founded Buddhism. He was given the title of “Buddha”. Buddha means one who has woken up to reality i.e enlightened. So, rather than a single person, Buddha is a title that… Continue Reading »

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