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GS Prelims Mock Test Series 2018

GS Prelims Mock Test Series 2018 (10 Full Length Mock Tests @ Rs 800 only) Self Study IAS is launching a test series for General Studies (Paper 1) Prelims examination. It comprises of 10 full length (covering whole syllabus of GS) mock tests. The cost of the test series is Rs 800 only, so each test comes to you at Rs 80. The objective is to make you practice 1000 quality questions that will make you ready for the Prelims exam in June 2018. The… Continue Reading »

Primary air pollutants and their sources

What are primary air pollutants (PAPs)? Primary air pollutants (PAPs) are those that are emitted directly into the air from sources. Examples – Sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, volatile organic matter, particulate matters, lead, ammonia etc. How PAPs impact environment? They can have effects both directly and as precursors of secondary air pollutants (chemicals formed through reactions in the atmosphere), which are discussed in the following section. What are secondary air pollutants? A secondary pollutant is not directly emitted as such, but forms when… Continue Reading »

Ocean Acidification and its effect on marine ecosystem

What is ocean acidification? Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) from humankind’s industrial and agricultural activities has increased the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. The oceans currently absorb about a third of human-created CO2 emissions, roughly 22 million tons a day.When carbon dioxide dissolves in this ocean, carbonic acid is formed. CO2 reacts with water molecules (H2O) and forms the weak acid H2CO3 (carbonic acid). Most of this acid dissociates into hydrogen ions (H+) and bicarbonate ions… Continue Reading »

Bioindicators – mechanism, uses, advantages and examples

What are bioindicators? A bioindicator is a living organism that gives us an idea of the health of an ecosystem. Some organisms are very sensitive to pollution in their environment, so if pollutants are present, the organism may change its morphology, physiology or behaviour, or it could even die.   What can be a bioindicator? Bioindicators can be plants, animals or microorganisms.   How various bioindicators tell about the environmental health? 1. If toxins are present, certain plants may not be able to grow in… Continue Reading »

Digilocker website

What is exactly the DigiLocker website created by the Government of India? Is it authentic and working? Consider this – You are going for an interview. You need to produce your original certificates at the time of interview. Now, if the venue of interview happens to be out of your town, there is this problem of safety of your original certificates. When I went for my interview to Delhi, I was unable to sleep properly during the journey as I was worried about my certificates.… Continue Reading »

Concepts – Fiscal deficit, deflation and devaluation

What is Fiscal Deficit? A government has many expenditures like salaries & payments of staff, funds for various schemes, loans and grants that it makes, contingency expenditures like those of disasters and compensation etc. Similarly it has many revenue sources like – interests it receives on loans given, revenues from disinvestment, revenues generated from selling resources like spectrum, oil, minerals etc. These type of revenues do not create any debt as government do not have to payback anything to anyone. For eg. revenues from spectrum… Continue Reading »

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